Nancy A.

The Ideal Protein plan has changed my life. I was diagnosed with diabetes thirteen years ago, placed on medication and my medications steadily increased. I was on three pills and insulin to lower my blood sugar as well as medications for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Within 2 weeks of starting the protocol I was off my diabetes medications and within 2 months I was off all my medications. I lost 38 pounds in the first 10 weeks, the weight seemingly melting away. My doctor is thrilled! Thanks Ideal Protein for saving my life!

Sarah Lawrence


I want to express a sincere thank you! Not only for your professionalism and confidentiality, but for making my weight loss goal attainable. To my co-workers I have always been the picture of good health and discipline however, I knew underneath it all I was lifeless, depressed, undesirable and most of all embarrassed because of my weight. I needed to make a change, and I knew I needed it to fit with my career and full-time college schedule.

I love the convenience of having Ideal Protein food at home or in my car when I need it. I was a bit skeptical at first, however much to my surprise I found the meals very tasty and I enjoyed being able to throw a bar or drink in my gym bag and go! Throughout the 3 month period I developed an ability to make healthier, smarter food choices which ultimately lead to a 33lb weight loss and -35 inches! Ideal Protein gave me the ability to see past my next meal and really start to see what’s important in my life. I now make choices based on my long-term happiness instead of short-term gratification.

Tricia and Eric

Tricia and I, like approximately 66% of Americans, had let our weight get away from us. This wasn’t something that happened over night, but something that happened gradually over the last decade. Like most Americans, we weren’t really terrible eaters – we didn’t binge, or eat our every night of the week, or frequent fast food restaurants. We tried making good decisions and read labels, but that just wasn’t enough. We tried exercising and various diet plasns with little luck. For some reason we could lose a few pounds here or there but it always came back.

I asked Stephanie if we could go on the Ideal Protein diet and she agreed. It turns out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only did the weight come off, but it came off quickly. Between the two of us we lost over 75 pounds in 4 months. The program is very easy to follow and never left us feeling hungry despite our limited caloric intake. It was so different than anything we had ever done and after the first week, we were simply hooked on it. We lost weight so quickly that we both readjusted our goal weights to be lower than originally planned.

We have successfully gone through all of the phases and are now back on our own. Stephanie was able to teach us what we need to do to ensure long term success. We have been given the tools that we need to ensure proper diet while still enjoying food. We found the foods in the program to be so good and filling that we actually still purchase them and use them as parts of meals and as snackss. We are a lot more active than we used to be. We feel great and no longer suffer from metabolic syndrome X. I recently had my blood panels drawn for a health fair and I had no problems whatsoever – my cholesterol, blood sugar and lipids were all on the low side of the healthy range.

Stephaine, I cannot say thank you enough. You have truly changed our lives. Not only do I feel like the quality of life is much better, but I feel that you have added at least ten years onto our life spans. I haven’t been this weight or felt this good since I was a senior in High School.